Cockapoo Blog

Our goal is to help you learn more about the Cockapoo breed.

Cockapoo puppies are a cross between Cocker Spaniel and Poodle parents. Optimally, Cockapoos should be able to be traced back to an AKC registered sire (father) and dam (mother). Either parent can be a Cocker Spaniel or a Poodle.

A Cockapoo puppy is an easy-going, friendly dog that makes an excellent pet, especially for homes with children. Please check our Cockapoo Information pages to learn much more about the Cockapoo breed. You will find a lot of helpful training information on our Web site. Be informed. Be prepared. Puppies are work, but the end result of a well-behaved family pet is worth the effort. Cockapoos are wonderful dogs!

Are you planning to bring a Cockapoo puppy into your home?

If you are planning to add a Cockapoo puppy (or any puppy!) to your family, there are many things to consider. First, you must realize that a puppy takes LOTS of time at first. He will need to be trained in many areas of his life, and if he is trained properly, he will be a family addition that will adjust easily to your family's lifestyle. Second, a Cockapoo puppy needs lots of love and attention - especially when he first goes to his new home. Cockapoos are "people" dogs, so they want to be around their "people." Try to arrange your schedule so that your puppy will not be left alone for more than a couple hours at a time for the first several weeks after you bring him home.